Qualities of a Good Mascot-Wearer

  • Once you have an eye-catching mascot, you will also need a good mascot-wearer. To ensure that your campaign has a successful mascot, work with someone who has been trained as a mascot-wearer. The mascot-wearer should be able to mimic the body motions and gestures that match the mascot’s.
  • The mascot-wearer should be of a standard build: not too tall or short, and not too heavy. Ideally, mascot-wearers should be 170-175 cm tall.
  • The mascot-wearer should never remove any part of the mascot costume, especially the head, during the activities. This would violate the integrity of the mascot.
  • The mascot-wearer should avoid exposure to direct sunlight on hot days, and should never wear the costume in the rain. The mascot-wearer
    should have a spare shirt, socks, underwear, and comfortable sports shoes, and drink lots of fluids during the day to avoid dehydration.
  • We suggest that the mascot-wearer wear the mascot costume for 15-20 minutes, followed by 15-20 minutes rest as his/her activities permit.
  • The costume should never be used without proper ventilation. It’s very important to keep the fan running at all times to circulate fresh air inside the costume.


A mascot’s costume includes different parts depending on the character’s appearance or properties.

  • The head section is the character’s most important feature and should be handled carefully. It should be aerated after every use and stored in its case to avoid getting dirty or misshapen.
    No weight should be placed on it.
  • The costume, shoes, and gloves may be dry cleaned.
  • The body of a product mascot is usually a single piece. It should be aerated after every use. Store it in its case to avoid it getting dirty or misshapen. No weight should be placed on it.


Ventilation system

  • Each costume includes either a 10V or 12V fan and battery.
  • Black and red jacks are attached to a cable on the fan, with matching sockets on the battery. Insert the jacks into the matching sockets (red into red, black into black).
  • Incorrect connection may cause permanent battery damage.
  • After five hours of use, the battery should be recharged for eight hours using the adapter in the case. It takes eight hours for the battery to be charged. Always remember to charge the battery at the end of the day.
  • Every mascot has a customized protective case.
  • Aerate the costume for at least three hours before storing it in its case.